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                                                                            Privacy Policy (HTTP cookies)


This document, being an integral part of the Rules of the Shop, contains only information on the cookies used by the Shop when a User navigates the website of the Shop, namely www.kanunature.eu. The Shop using the domain is run by the company Kanu Nature Sp. z o.o., 76-024 Świeszyno 39 (VAT identifier 4990658610). Protection of Users’ privacy is a priority for Kanu Nature, and the information gathered by means of cookies is used solely as a tool useful in the process of running the Shop.


What are cookies?

HTTP cookies are short text files containing small pieces of data sent by the Shop while the User navigates the website. The files are stored in the final device of the User (e.g. a computer). The cookies sent by the Shop are not used to collect personal data of Users. A User can decide whether such files are to be used in their device.

Please be advised that the visitor traffic is monitored by Google Analytics in order to collect information on ways of using the Shop and its popularity. Using the website of the Shop, the User agrees to their data being analysed by Google Analytics for the purpose specified in this paragraph.


Kinds of cookies used by www.kanunature.eu and the purpose they serve


Session cookies: stored only in temporary memory and deleted automatically after some time or when the user closes the browser.

Purpose: among others, improving navigation on the website.


Persistent cookies: remain in a device for a specific length of time or until the User deletes them from the device.

Purpose: storing information on whether the navigating User is a new user or a returning one, and whether they used the Shop via a partner.


Third-party cookies:  cookies belonging to partner services, such as Facebook, Google, Google Analytics.

Purpose: collecting statistical data.


Enabling and disabling cookies

The User can at any moment change the settings of the browser, but in every browser the method of changing these settings is different. For example, when using Internet Explorer 8.0 the User has to: 1) select “Tools” in the Menu, and then go to “Internet Options”; 2) go to “Privacy”; 3) move the slider to the preferred value. In many Internet browsers the possibility of sending cookies to the end device of the User is a default function. Please be advised that disabling cookies may have an impact on the functionalities used by the Shop’s website.


What kinds of data are processed?

The Shop using the domain www.kanunature.eu processes data voluntarily submitted by the User intending to receive updates on the business activity of the Shop.

The Shop undertakes to keep the User’s data safe and not to reveal them to third parties. The User is entitled to view their data and can apply for deleting or correcting them, which requires sending a relevant request via e-mail.


URL redirection

The website of the Shop (www.kanunature.eu) contains links to other websites. Whenever going to a website not visited by them before, the User should read the Privacy Policy published on the site, the document containing information on cookies. The Shop www.kanunature.eu cannot be held liable for the consequences of the rules used on other websites.



Should the privacy policy of the Shop change, relevant amendments will be added to this document.