Store policy

                                                                                          Online shop rules

    I. General provisions

  1. The online shop using the domain (hereinafter „Shop”) is run by the company Kanu Nature Sp. z o.o., 76-024 Świeszyno 39, NIP 4990658610.
  2. In order to contact the Shop the e-mail address or phone number 0943465868 can be used.
  3. The following rules stipulate both the rights and responsibilities of customers and the rights and responsibilities of the Seller being the business entity managing and running the online shop.
  4. These rules are published in Polish and English on the company website (
  5. The customers of the Shop are obliged to observe the rules protecting copyright and the rights resulting from registration of inventions, patents, trademarks, utility models and industrial designs.
  6. The Owner of the Shop undertakes to process the personal data of customers using methods guaranteeing safety of the data, solely in order to fulfil a remote purchase agreement satisfactorily. The Privacy Policy of the company is made available to the customer during the order placement procedure; it is also used in every e-mail sent in order to confirm receipt of the order.


    II. Definitions
     In these Rules the following names and descriptions are used:

  1. Shop – the online shop using the domain, offering remote shopping services.
  2. 2. Owner – the company Kanu Nature Sp. z o.o., 76-024 Świeszyno 39, NIP 4990658610.
  3. 3. Customer – every entity purchasing the goods offered in the Shop in accordance with the provisions specified in these Rules; both a        Consumer and an Entrepreneur are called Customers.
  4. 4. User – every entity using the Internet and visiting the website of the Shop.
  5. 5. Customer Account – a record where data on transactions and the instrument used to fulfil the orders placed by the Customer are stored.
  6. 6. Newsletter – a form of an electronic bulletin (information) sent over the Internet to the Users who voluntarily have declared the will to   receive such information, submitting their full names and e-mail addresses. The Newsletter contains promotional information related to the business activity of the Shop and the products available in it.
  7. 7. Consumer – a natural person entering with the Shop into a legal transaction which is not directly related to business activity or occupational activity of the person.
  8. 8. Entrepreneur – a natural person, a legal entity or an organisational unit without legal personality carrying out a legal transaction with the Shop in their own name within the scope of their business activity or occupational activity.
  9. 9. Working days – weekdays from Monday to Friday except for official calendar holidays.
  10. 10. Rules – this document, specifying the conditions and rules of using the Shop and purchasing goods in it.


 III. Technical requirements

1.  A Customer intending to use the Shop must possess:

  • a device which can be used for digital data transmission;
  • access to the Internet;
  • an individual e-mail address.
  1. The shop collects the information contained in the cookie text files. The cookie files contain no personal data, are used anonymously in order to assess whether the users are interested in the services offered in the online Shop. Cookie files are used to exchange information between the Shop and the User, the exchange being very helpful in adjusting an offer to individual expectations and preferences of every User. The Customer decides whether the cookie files are used. The option of installing such files in the device of the Customer are often a default function of Internet browsers. The Customer can change the settings at any time.
  2. The Shop informs that disabling cookies in a browser used by the Customer can have an impact on functionalities available in the Shop.
  3. Detailed information on cookies are contained in the Cookie Policy, a document available on the website of the Shop (, being an integral part of the Rules.


IV. Creating Customer Account and logging in

  1.      1. In order to create an individual Customer Account the User has to register, submitting their e-mail address and a password by means of an online form.
  2. The password used to log in may contain letters, digits and/or special signs. Every user has an individual password. The password can be changed on the website, submitting the e-mail address and a new password. Creating a Customer Account is free of charge.
  3. Creating an individual Customer Account is not a requirement which must be met in order to place an order in the Shop. The conditions which must be met by a User placing an order in this mode are specified in Clause 9 of Paragraph 5 of these Rules.
  4. The Customer undertakes to submit true personal data.
  5. Accepting these Rules, the Customer makes the following statement:
  • I have started using the services provided by the Shop voluntarily;
  • the data entered into the online form are true.
  1. The Customer is not allowed to make the password used to log in to the individual account in the Shop known to third parties.
  2. A Customer having an individual Customer Account can use the following functions:
  • getting an access to the status of an order and the history of orders;
  • obtaining individual discounts and promotion vouchers;
  • being informed about possibilities of taking part in promotions and competitions;
  • placing orders;
  • changing the individual customer data;
  • changing the individual password;
  • checking the order placed in the shop
  • deleting the individual customer account.
  1. After creating an individual Customer Account the customer will receive via e-mail a link to a webpage used to activate the account.
  2. After the activation of the account the user can log in.
  3. The Customer is not allowed to copy, modify or propagate the content of the Kanu website, including photographic material and logotypes, without a prior consent of an authorised person.


     V. Order placement and processing

  1. The Shop works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which enables the Customer to place an order at any time except for maintenance breaks.
  2. The Shop confirms receipt of an order with an automatically generated e-mail sent to the Customer. The e-mail contains a proposed purchase agreement, in particular the number and date of the order, information on the purchased merchandise, the price and method of payment, the data on the parties to the agreement, and the delivery address, method and cost.
  3. If the stipulations contained in the proposed purchase agreement are not identical with the details of the order placed by the Customer, the Customer should inform the Shop about it without undue delay by sending an e-mail containing the divergences. The Shop shall send the Customer an amended purchase agreement without undue delay.
  4. A warranty certificate issued by an manufacturer, importer or wholesaler is inserted to the package containing the purchased goods, if the manufacturer, importer or wholesaler provide warranty protection, issuing a relevant warranty certificate.
  5. Only persons of age with unlimited legal competence can be natural persons purchasing goods in the Shop.
  6. The Customer uses the following procedure to place an order:
  • selects the goods by adding the merchandise to the shopping cart;
  • enters the data into the online form used to create a Customer Account, into the field used to log in or into the delivery form;
  • selects the delivery form and the method of payment;
  • confirms placing the order by means of the button „Zamawiam i płacę” (“Order and pay”)
  • receives an e-mail confirming receipt of the order;                                                                                                                                                           An order submitted by the Customer shall be confirmed by the Shop via e-mail no later than two working days from the order placement.

7. Customers having their customer accounts can track the order fulfilment and delivery status.

8. The Customer undertakes to submit true data.


     VI. Payment method

  1. The Customer can select one of the following payment methods:
  • bank transfer;
  • cash on delivery;
  • PayU payment service.
  1. The User is obliged to submit true data necessary to issue a VAT invoice.


     VII. Prices

  1. The price displayed next to the product on a webpage of the Shop is in Polish zlotys (PLN) and includes VAT (the price is not final, as a Customer may be given a discount calculated upon completion of the order, or the delivery cost or the cost of the cash on delivery service have to be added).
  2. Additional costs are added (or not, depending on the value of the order) after the detailed data of the basket have been edited by the Customer (using the button „Zobacz koszyk” [View Basket]).
  3. Information on the total value of the order (including the delivery cost and the cost of the payment processing) is displayed to the Customer before they use the button „Zamawiam i płacę” (“Order and pay”) and confirmed in an e-mail which is sent immediately to the address submitted by the Customer.


    VIII. Delivery

  1. The goods ordered by the Customer the Shop delivers via the GLS courier. The goods are dispatched on the first working day after the date of recording the payment in the bank account of the Shop.
  2. The maximum delivery time is 30 days. If the ordered goods are not received in the time specified in the previous sentence, the Consumer has the right to specify a longer period of the delivery by the Seller. If the goods are not delivered even in this time, the Customer is allowed to withdraw from the agreement.
  3. A table with delivery costs can be referred to by means of the tab „Warunki dostawy” (Delivery details) on the homepage of the Shop. If the Customer orders a large amount of merchandise, the delivery cost is negotiated individually.
  4. The ordered goods are dispatched on working days, from Monday to Friday. At weekends and on official calendar holidays goods are not dispatched by the Shop.
  5. The Shop is liable for an accidental loss of or damage to the ordered and dispatched merchandise until the moment of the merchandise being delivered to the Customer, unless the Customer has selected a form of delivery different from the forms offered by the Shop.
  6. Goods delivered by the GLS courier are insured.
  7. Upon delivery the Customer should check the condition of the delivered merchandise in order for the complaint procedure due to transport damage to the goods to be performed efficiently. Should any transport damage be detected, a report shall be drawn up in the presence of a GLS courier. Drawing up such a report is required only by freight forwarding companies and often is a condition which must be met in order for a complaint to be resolved favourably to the Customer.
  8. Delivery is available for Polish addresses only.


   IX. Withdrawal from the purchase agreement – applicable to Consumers

  1. A Consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days of the delivery of the purchased merchandise without specifying any reasons, submitting a relevant statement in writing. The statement has to be sent within 14 days of the delivery date to Kanu Nature Sp. z o.o., 76-024 Świeszyno 39 or to the e-mail address:
  2. A withdrawal from a remote purchase agreement results in the agreement being regarded as not executed. What each of the parties to the agreement has received from the other is to be returned unchanged. This return has to be carried out immediately, in the period of time not longer than 14 days from the delivery date. The purchased merchandise has to be dispatched to Kanu Nature Sp. z o.o., 76-024 Świeszyno 39.
  3. The Consumer shall be held liable for the reduction of the value of a product resulting from using it differently than is needed to state the character, qualities and working condition of the delivered good.
  4. If during the ordering procedure the Consumer has selected a form of delivery other than the cheapest ordinary delivery method offered by the Shop, the Owner of the Shop is not obliged to reimburse the additional cost borne by the Consumer.
  5. The Consumer shall pay the direct costs of the return delivery to the Shop unless the Owner agreed to cover them or has not informed the Consumer about the right to withdraw from the agreement. The Consumer is obliged to return the merchandise no later than 14 days from the date of the withdrawal from the agreement unless the Shop has offered to take the merchandise themselves. The 14-day period condition is met when the Consumer sends the package before the end of the period.
  6. The Owner shall issue a written statement confirming the return. The Owner of the Shop shall reimburse the payment received from the Consumer by means of the method used by the Consumer placing an order unless the Consumer has specifically agreed to another form of reimbursement which does not incur any additional costs to be borne by the Consumer.
  7. A template of an agreement withdrawal statement can be downloaded from the website of the Shop.
  8. The Consumer is not allowed to withdraw from the remote purchase agreement in the following situations:
  • when the goods supplied are made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised (e.g. an individual order);
  • when the goods supplied are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
  • when the goods supplied are sealed and after unsealing cannot be returned due to health protection or for hygiene reasons, if they were unsealed after delivery;
  • when the goods supplied after delivery are, due to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;
  • when the goods supplied are clearly tailored to individual needs of the Consumer.


   X. Claims based on a warranty

  1. For 24 months the Seller is liable for discrepancies between the qualities of the products offered in the Shop and the stipulations of the purchase agreement. It is to be assumed that when the Consumer submits a warranty claim within 12 months from the delivery of the ordered merchandise, the product was faulty already on the day of delivery.
  2. A complaint made by a Consumer on the basis of the Shop being liable for merchandise differing from the specifications in the purchase agreement must be made in writing and submitted:                                                                                                                                                          by post, to the address: Kanu Nature Sp. z o.o., 76-024 Świeszyno 39, or
  1. The complaint should contain a detailed description of the kind of divergence, the date of its occurrence, the claim of the Consumer, the order number and contact data, which will facilitate the complaint procedure.
  2. The shop is exempted from warranty liability if the Consumer was aware of the product being faulty when the purchase agreement was executed.
  3. The Shop processes the complaints without undue delay, no later than 14 days after receiving complete documentation sent by the Customer.
  4. If the Shop does not inform the Consumer about the result of the complaint procedure in the period specified in Clause 5, the complaint is deemed to be decided upon favourably to the Consumer.
  5. When the complaint is justified, the Consumer is entitled to demand from the Shop a remedy consisting in ensuring conformity of the product with the provisions of the purchase agreement, mending the product free of charge, replacing it with a new one or a price reduction. The Consumer may also withdraw from the agreement; the Shop shall then reimburse the sum equivalent to the price of the product to the Consumer. The Consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement if the fault is of no importance.
  6. The Shop replies to the Consumer’s complaint using the e-mail address or post address submitted by the Consumer.
  7. The Shop issues a written statement confirming the reimbursement.
  8. A Letter of Complaint template can be found on the order page.
  9. Customers purchasing goods as Entrepreneurs are not entitled to make warranty claims.


   XI. The rules of processing the personal data of Customers

  1. Detailed rules of processing the data on Customers being natural persons are specified in Privacy Policy being an integral part of these Rules.


   XII. Other provisions

  1. The Rules can be referred to on the website
  2. A Customer can read the Rules, download them to their device or print.
  3. In the case of a Consumer being the Customer of the Shop, all disputes arising because of the Rules stipulations or purchase agreements can be settled by arbitration (more information to be found on or by a common court of general jurisdiction.
  4. If an Entrepreneur is the Customer of the Shop, the parties will try to resolve all disputes arising because of the stipulations contained in these Rules or purchase agreements first amicably, by negotiation or mediation. If an agreement cannot be reached, a dispute shall be settled by a common court having territorial jurisdiction over the seat of the Seller.
  5. In the case of an Entrepreneur being the Customer of the Shop the warranty liability is not applicable.
  6. There is a possibility of a Consumer using an extrajudicial proceeding of letters of complaints and warranty claims. A Consumer can use a digital platform for amicable dispute resolution, e.g. the EU platform ODR (